Characters (M - T)
Jason Turner

Jason Turner

Played by
Cristian Solimeno

Given up for adoption by his natural parents. Married to Tanya and father to Jackie's son, Paddy.

A larger-than-life, natural born leader who always gets by more on talent than hard work, Jason achieved footballing success at a very young age. It is therefore unsurprising that after years of fame and pampering, he never actually found the time to grow up. With age beginning to get the better of him and his place on the team by no-means certain, he seeks solace in booze, late nights, fast cars, and even faster women.

His marriage to Tanya is volatile and destructive, but also extremely passionate. No matter how badly he treats her, she's always the one he turns to in times of trouble.

Last seen...
...plummeting to his death off a hotel roof courtesy of a champagne-bottle wielding Chardonnay.

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