Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.10

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Matt Bloom

It's the morning after Matt and Joly's wedding and Matt is relieved Joly finally knows the truth and has chosen to stand by him. But will Rees and Yasmin feel the same way?

It is the day of Seb Webb's funeral and Cash is adamant that both he and Woody should accompany Yasmin. Woody's in agonies of guilt, Seb's murder is really getting to him, he doesn't know much more he can take.

Cash sneaks a visit to Seb's grave to gloat, but is alarmed to come face to face with DI Davenport - always just one step behind him.

Meanwhile Oliver and Anika have set up a new business venture called "Eager Beevors" - a high class cleaning agency for discerning clientele. What starts out as a straightforward business idea soon develops in to something more when they meet oddballs Malcolm and Martin and realise there's a market for domestic service with a twist.

Now that Rees and Chanel are back together, Rees needs to tell Lizzy it's over between them. When Rees is beaten to it by Lizzy his relief is shortlived. Lizzy's disgusted to discover he's been two-timing her.

Yasmin's furious when she catches Cash rummaging through Seb's belongings. Cash can't hide his jealousy and tempers flare in an ugly row. Yasmin's freaked by his behaviour - it looks like Cash's promises were short lived.

When Woody dares criticise Cash's behaviour, Cash flips - it's the final straw. Has Woody just signed his own death warrant?