Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.11

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by David Kester

Woody is full of guilt over Seb's brutal murder and begins to confess to Yasmin. He's caught in the act by Cash who's now convinced he's too dangerous to have around.

Meanwhile Matt tells Alison that he wants his son Rory to know the truth about his family. He invites her and husband Pete for dinner with him and Joly but things end disastrously when Alison forbids Matt from seeing Rory entirely. Matt and Joly have got a fight on their hands.

Chanel steps up her demands on Rees. Not content with stealing Lizzy's man she now wants her job as well - so what's Rees going to do about it? Meanwhile Rees has a shock in store when he discovers Lizzy's not what she seems...

Artists Malcolm and Martin are very impressed with the service they received from Eager Beevors. In fact they've spread the word and Anika and Ollie are urgently having to satisfy all the new demands by recruiting more staff.

As the interviews for Eager Beevors progress it's clear to the candidates the work requirements are aimed well below the belt. This doesn't seem to deter new recruits Tristan and Will who are only too happy to be on Anika's pay roll and will do whatever is asked of them.

Cash tricks Woody in to taking the rap for Seb's murder by faking a suicide note admitting everything. Woody is convinced he's heading for a new life in Spain but heartless Cash has other plans for his 'best friend'.