Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.13

Written by Paul Mousley
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by David Kester

Poor Rory is facing up to the truth that his uncle Matt is actually his dad. He makes a surprise visit to ask him in person but Matt knows he must tread carefully.

Yasmin can't believe she's pregnant and is unsure whether to tell Cash. Joly urges her to come clean and Yasmin plans a special meal for two to break the news.

Oliver's lost his wallet. He could have only left it at one place - seductive Vanya's apartment. Retrieving it is fraught with peril. Will he be able to keep the maneater at bay?

Matt and Alison are in a panic - Rory is missing. The police are called in and a full search is started, but Cash is the surprise hero of the day when he returns with the boy. Cash's future within the family now looks assured.

Sexy Anika is teaching Will and the other "Beevor" boys the tricks of the trade. If they want to keep their clientele happy they have to learn how to work it. When Will comes on strong to Anika she rebuffs his advances - but for how long?

When Oliver turns up to retrieve his wallet from Vanya, she doesn't disappoint him. Passion takes hold as they devour each other - and Anika's forgotten.

As Yasmin waits for Cash she makes a horrific discovery - it wasn't Woody who killed Seb, it was Cash. It's not long before she's worked out he killed Woody too. Yasmin's trapped as Cash returns ready to celebrate - his mood swiftly turns when she confronts him. Will Yasmin escape or is she going to be next on Cash's hit list?