Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.3

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

Whoops! Yasmin shagged Cash on her living room floor whilst her boyfriend Seb slept next door. Luckily, hangover Seb doesn't suspect a thing, but he would have to be blind not to notice the cut on her lip caused by an overabundance of passion. He assumes that he must have hit her when he was drunk the night before and is mortified when she confirms that it was him. Seb is hugely apologetic and, although it allows Yas out of a tight corner, it does leave her feeling very guilty. But there's another shock in store for Seb when he leaves the flat and sees Cash's very distinctive yellow sports car.

Chanel wakes to find Rees in her bed gazing at her like a love sick puppy - he's got to stop that - it's enough to make her puke. But soon the flat is full of the sounds of a loud argument as Seb arrives back to confront Yasmin about Cash. She hands Seb the keys for the sports car and he is forced to explain that he bought it for Cash in exchange for him promising to leave Yasmin alone. Yas is furious - she can't believe Seb swapped her for a car!

Anika wants to strike a deal with miracle healer Nurse Dunkley. She and Oliver want to act as her managers and market her "healing hands" by making a DVD called "Awakening with Jeanette" - she could be bigger than Jesus! The whiff of money certainly gets the naughty nurse's attention, but how can she pull it off? And of course, she also has her other patients to think about, namely Darius. The young striker has hit rock bottom - without football he's nothing. Luckily, Jeanette seems to be more than eager to look after his needs. Now she's his personal carer, she'll be on hand whenever he wants. And it isn't long before Darius is pleading with her to lay her healing hands on him.

Thanks to his drunken and drug fuelled antics at the hospital, Seb has been dumped by City. He turns up at Garry's office and pleads with him to help - he'll work for half-pay, play for the reserves - anything for a second chance. Garry's not interested. As far as he's concerned, the only person Seb has to blame for the mess his life has become is himself.

Garry has set Anika and fully fit Oliver up in a luxury flat. He's impressed by the way that Oliver has sorted himself out and kicked the coke and the flat is his reward - he's even put Oliver's name on the deeds so it's his for keeps. Oliver and Anika are happy to oblige - they can flog the place and use it to finance "Awakenings"!

Rees is depressed when he learns that Chanel is seeing her ex, Jimmy, but his feelings of jealousy turn into something else entirely when he witnesses just how badly Jimmy treats her. Afterwards, Rees has it out with Chanel, he can't believe she would rather someone like Jimmy treat her like shit when Rees himself would treat her like a princess. But as Chanel is quick to point out, she wants a man, not a love sick little boy. Seb is amused by Rees's obsession with Chanel - he's got the perfect relationship if only he could see it - no ties, no commitments and plenty of sex!

Yasmin goes to confront Cash about the sports car. She knows he's bad news, but within minutes of walking into his flat, she's in bed with him. She resolves to finish her relationship with Seb until she discovers that he's been sacked by City. Now he's lost everything he needs her more than ever. Yas is torn - what is she going to do?