Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.4

Written & Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

Yasmin is busy juggling Seb and Cash. She's got to sort this mess out but when family tragedy strikes Seb - it proves impossible.

Jeanette and Darius' new home care arrangements seem to be working out very well indeed. As are Anika and Oliver's plans to market Jeanette's healing abilities - they've even booked a camera crew to shoot an ad and Jeanette can't wait to glam herself up.

Rees is surprised to see Matt embracing a mystery woman in the park. Matt told everyone he was off to the wine merchant. Who is the woman and why is he lying?

Footballers' wife Shannon Lawson visits recovering Darius with her new boyfriend Callum. Darius is thrilled to see Shannon but gutted when he discovers Callum has taken over his role as Sparks' top striker - and is Shannon's new squeeze.

Yas lies when she vows it's all over with Seb to Cash. She thinks she's got away with it but Cash is out stalking her every move and decides to sort things out - his way.

Joly welcomes new waitress Lizzy to the brasserie. Lizzy can't keep her eyes off Rees and it looks like the interest could be mutual.

Unbeknownst to Seb, his days are numbered now Cash has got it in for him. What Cash wants, Cash gets - and there's no way he's sharing Yas with Seb. On a mercy-dash to the hospital Seb drives straight into a trap.

Darius is enjoying the ministrations of Nurse Dunkley and it's not long before her techniques prove irresistible. The age gap shrinks into insignificance as she convinces Darius - only she can love him now.