Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.8

Written by Helen Childs
Produced by Chris Le Grys
Directed by Matt Bloom

It's congratulations all round for Matt and Joly as they celebrate their engagement. Rees is delighted, at last he's going to have a proper family, while his sister Yasmin has ex boyfriend Cash on her mind. Should she rekindle their passionate but dangerous relationship?

Meanwhile Woody is in a panic - certain the police are on to him for Seb's murder. He is not the only one getting worried - Cash receives an unexpected visit from DI Davenport with a search warrant. Is the net closing in?

Who is this woman Alison and child Rory that Matt slips away to secretly visit? Why is Alison so upset when Matt wants to tell Joly "the truth"?

The kitchen's steaming with Rees' desire for waitress Lizzy. He can't wait to get her into bed but she's playing hard to get. He attempts seduction in the store cupboard but is left with egg on his face when Canteen almost goes up in flames.

Bruno is convinced that Matt is after Joly's money - but how can he prove it? He suggests a quiet drink with reluctant Matt to find out more. As the two men psyche each other out - Bruno smells a rat and decides to find out more - engaging the service of a private detective.

Meanwhile, Joly makes a sly trip of her own to visit Matt's mum in the nursing home in an attempt to make sense of the secrets that surround him. What she discovers turns her world upside down. Will she go ahead with the marriage plans?

Cash turns up at Canteen - he wants Yasmin to bring their relationship out in the open but first he has to win over Joly, who is still furious with him for locking Rees in the deep freeze. Charming Cash has a way with words and soon even Joly is giving him the second chance Yasmin thinks he deserves.