Series 1 Cast Interviews
Gary Lucy

Gary Lucy

Kyle Pascoe

"Kyle's about 24, older than me! He's a young, good footballer, with a lot going for him. He's at a very important point in his career and very happy with his life. He's very much devoted to his wife-to-be Chardonnay, and also his mother Jackie who lives with them. She manages to stir things up between the three of them and he finds himself in the middle, caught in the crossfire...

"Kyle obviously loves his mum, and Gillian comes at the role with so much energy. His father was not around and I think he's very protective of her, and she obviously looks after him, and is equally protective over him. It's not an ideal situation, with her living in the same house as Kyle and Chardonnay, but she also acts as housekeeper because they are so busy with their careers. But at the end of the day, how can he kick her out? She's his mum.

"Kyle is very much in love with Chardonnay but does have a slight problem with her chosen career. She's a glamour model, and his mum certainly doesn't approve. However, Chardonnay's very single-minded about it, and earns good money - which supplements the amazing lifestyle they have as a couple.

"Susie's been great to work opposite. She's got so much going for her - and she's gorgeous to boot!

"I love football and have always followed Arsenal. As a kid I was pretty good - I think I'm losing my fitness now! Up to the age of 16 I played for my district club Redbridge County and I was signed with Tottenham and Watford. But it came to the stage where I wasn't enjoying football, when you play at that level at that age... if you don't score you don't get picked next week so you're fighting to achieve that and it takes the fun out of it. Kyle would have come through the youth team system. I'm very lucky to have played at that level and hopefully I'll still look convincing on screen.

"Coming out of Hollyoaks, which was a teen soap, into this, a major drama, acting and playing football is just the perfect role for me and it has been fantastic to 'be' a footballer... wearing the clothes that footballers wear, driving the cars that footballers drive - but not having to deal with the pressures that a footballer has to deal with.

"Like most blokes, I'm into football, and I'm into cars, and I get to do both in Footballers' Wives, it's fantastic. I get to drive a TVR. There were only a few made in this metallic colour and they were used in the recent film Swordfish, with John Travolta. Evidently he wrote off about six of them, and this is the only one remaining. So it's a one-off. Boys' toys..."