Series 1 Cast Interviews
Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth

Jackie Pascoe/Webb

"Jackie's very possessive with her son Kyle, and absolutely adores him. She'd do anything for him. She's a bit too possessive, it's a bit much, but she just wants the best for him. She fusses around him all the time and can't do enough for him. She's a bit annoyed about this wedding business with Chardonnay. I don't think she despises Chardonnay but she just would want something better for her son. She doesn't think a glamour model is right for her son - she'd sooner he was with a 'nice girl'.

"It's fun playing a mum again - especially with Gary, he's such a laugh. Jackie is the housekeeper-cum-cook-cum-general dogsbody, but then he's her son. She wants to stay with him and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Kyle's her only child. She's always been there, pushing him, so Jackie feels that his success is partly due to her. She loves having all Kyle's team mates round when they have snooker matches at home and she plays hostess. She's still young and flirts a bit with the lads. She is a bit lively like that! She's happiest when he's with the lads really. Not with the lasses.

"I think Jackie's jealous of Chardonnay. This young girl's come along and Kyle's very much in love. It's just the fact that someone's going to be taking him off her hands and she doesn't like that, she thinks he's far too young and should be concentrating on his career, and the lads... he doesn't need a wife yet.

"Kyle's very, very good to Jackie and he buys her lots of jewellery and clothes which are generally glam casual wear. And she's always shooting off here there and everywhere. Like with all the girls in the series, I had to have my nails done. These nails are part of the character! It's nice to have a bit of glamour... I love it. At long last I've got some lovely glamorous clothes to wear. Jackie's a bit flirty - Kathy Beale was never like that!"

When it comes to football, Gillian is an Arsenal supporter. "I don't go to matches any more, although I did when I was a bit younger. I don't make a point of sitting down watching a game because I just don't have the time. When Arsenal won the Double we all went down to Islington where my mum was and we all met up in a pub, all my sisters and my brother and we had a wonderful time."