Series 1 Cast Interviews
Zoe Lucker

Zöe Lucker

Tanya Turner

"Tanya's a survivor, and she's a very strong woman who knows what she wants, and she loves the lifestyle. She's very into the glamour, the money, everything she can get out of it, but she's also very much in love with her husband.

"In the marriage, she tends to be the driving force. If Jason ever gets himself into scrapes, you can guarantee that Tanya will do anything in her power to sort it out because she doesn't want to see her husband suffer, but also because she doesn't want to see herself suffer either.

"They've been married for seven years. It's been a very volatile relationship. The dynamic between the two is that they're both head-strong people, which makes for great fun and great passion, but it also makes for huge rows.

"Tanya usually turns a blind eye to Jason's womanising, but there's only so much she can take. I think she probably thinks it's a small price to pay. She tries not to think about it. She's not stupid, but at the end of the day, she believes that this is all part of being a footballer's wife and she takes that job very seriously.

"As the Captain's wife, Tanya has a certain amount of authority. The younger wives come to her every now and again for advice and support. When she's on their side they know that they're all right, because she can be a great ally. She can also be a terrible enemy. You wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Tanya Turner, no way. Maybe she is calculating, but because I see her as having a vulnerable side as well, I think the only reason she calculates is to get on in her life. Tanya's fantastic to play because there's such a huge range with her. You get some great bitchy things going on but also huge emotional scenes.

"Her clothes are, oh - Gucci, Versace, Christian Lacroix, Valentino. It's like a dream. It's great to wear all these glamorous dresses and beautiful jewellery. I love clothes, make-up, hair, jewellery, anything like that. So to be able to go out shopping and buy all these gorgeous, gorgeous clothes... in real life there's not that many occasions that you can go to where you can swan around in Amanda Wakeley - not in my life anyway! I'm a bit of a jeans and combats and trainers girl in real life.

"I like football and do go and watch Huddersfield Town play when I go back home. I go and watch it with my dad - sometimes we'll go on Boxing Day, with the family. I like watching live matches, if there's a group of you.

"I'd auditioned for the series Bad Girls, but wasn't right for the part. But the casting director, Margaret Crawford said she would soon be casting a new series called Footballers' Wives, and as soon as she said that something went 'Arrgghh' inside me. When I read Tanya's character breakdown, I went 'But that's me...' I was recalled with five blokes, and five women, all up for the Jason and Tanya roles. I went in and read with some other bloke, and then with Cristian. Now, we'd chatted a bit outside, but that was all. And we went in and it was like dynamite! Wow! I was saying to myself 'Please God, let me get it, and let Cristian get it as well!' I'm very, very happy we both did!"